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With Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, La Monde Byrd, John Lafayette.

Among his many names, Papa Legba is sometimes called the Lord of the Roads, and the Loa of the Crossroads. Based on events from Season 2. .


. close. Oct 6, 2013 · The legend of the crossroads have invaded popular culture, especially as part of a major story arc on Season 2 the television show Supernatural; where the Mississippi crossroads is a summoning site, created by Robert Johnson himself, for a demon who trades talent for souls, but the newly talented only has so long before the hellhounds come to collect the soul.

Crossroad Demon Blues was written by esbeani (Olivia Chrestomanci) and posted on her LJ on July 2, 2008. .



Supernatural : Crossroad Blues. .

While Sam protects Evan from hell hounds, Dean is tempted by the demon, who tries to convince him to. That's a b**** with asphalt.

In occult lore, crossroads are powerful places involving decisions, where souls can decide between good and evil.
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menu. Robert Johnson preparing to summon a demon at a crossroad. This came as a surprise to those that knew him before his disappearance, but folks began to discredit his talents with stories and myths.

Episode 31 - Crossroad Blues. menu. But the folklore of Europe, India, Japan, and America all feature myths about the demons that lurk that the crossroads. . . Ten years later, he was killed by a.

A few of his titles included “Hellhound on My Trail,” “Cross Road Blues,” “Up Jumped the Devil.

. There have been at several incarnations of the crossroad demon throughout the history of.

Crossroad Demon (Supernatural: Crossroad Blues) Summary.

With Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, La Monde Byrd, John Lafayette.

Sousa has appeared in series like Castle, CSI: NY, iCarly,.

Ringleader- Lilith.

The people of a small town have been selling their souls to a crossroad demon.