Seating Wagons Suspension and Rigging components.

. Single PurchaseSingle Purchase” simply means that to lift a certain load the same amount of “effort” is required.


Fly System Details Operating Position PS at Stage Level Total Number of Lines 53 + House Curtain Panorama Lines 2 - 1 Bar PS; 1 Bar OP Batten Drift 17 metres Batten Type 48mm O/D CHS & 75mm x 50mm RHS Batten Length 16.

So the counterweight is twice the down force of the goods on the pipe. 4 metres. .

Counterweighted Fly Systems.

Georgia Stage proudly installs quality JR Clancy single purchase and double purchase. When using wire guided systems, the Wire Guide Arbors are your best option to hold. .

3. , the same as a single purchase "full" brick.


The use of an arbor pit is an alternative approach to dealing with limited.

We continue to service & maintain counterweight systems installed in the 1950s and earlier, which function perfectly and without incident. .

Not exactly, it would be about the same amount of force as on a single purchase system if weighted correctly. .

MRL Systems can offer the following for your stage and/or theatre: Single purchase counterweight flying.

* Single-Purchase (meaning the weight of the counterweights on the arbor equals.

All our linesets are otherwise on 6" centers and the newer winch system needed the room for the floor motors, so won't work on a system on 6" centers unless you remove an adjacent.

Operate flying systems. Mule. The counterweight system uses iron bricks on an arbor to counter the weight of whatever has been attached to the batten.

Used in J-Guide/T-Bar guided systems, the J-Guide/T-Bar Double Purchase Arbor is heavier than the Single Purchase Arbor designed to hold counterweight which balances the batten load. From the batten to the rope, that piece of system is (in different segments) Line sets (29 line sets 9 are useless) Single purchase (standard) counterweight fly system. . For those reasons, double-purchase line sets are generally avoided, or limited to a few sets within a counterweight system, unless space issues preclude the use of a single-purchase system. When operated and maintained by trained, experienced and thoughtful people, a counterweight system provides a safe, practical &. .

Elementary Stagecraft Rigging Systems 2.

. 4 metres.

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Rigging Systems - Yumpu.